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By Jon Gast | Last Updated March 01, 2016
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Spring 2016 issue of Edible Door



With the publication of this spring issue, Edible Door is now three years old. In some ways it seems like three months and others it seems so much longer.

Similar to when you have children, it’s difficult to remember those times before they came along. Edible Door is so much like that for us.

I felt it was a good time to review exactly what this publication is all about and how it came about.

With my wife Leslie and former Advocate colleague Gina Ward, the launching of Edible Door was really a leap of faith. Nothing like it had been published in Door County or Northeastern Wisconsin, for that matter.

It took only one phone call to convince us that joining the wave of publications under the Edible Communities banner was something we needed to seriously investigate.

That phone call was to Tracey Ryder, who with partner Carole Topalian, took an even more significant leap of faith a decade earlier when they launched their first Edible publication in California.

They explained to us over the phone that Edible wasn’t initially intended to be the widespread phenomena that it became. Tracey and Carole simply saw it as a newsletter for area farmers. Regional and national publicity about their little “newsletter” sparked an onslaught of inquiries about how to start one of their own.

Edible Communities was born with independent owners and publishers spreading the stories relating to the farm-to-table movement.

“That business model in publishing didn’t exist before we did it,” said Ryder in a recent interview for a story that appeared in the Santa Maria (Calif.) Sun. “We couldn’t find another company that had licensed magazines, locally owned and operated, and everyone working together symbiotically. I love farmers! The whole premise of starting Edible was because we love farmers, that was it.”

‘We couldn’t find another company that had licensed magazines, locally owned and operated, and everyone working together symbiotically.’
– Tracey Ryder, co-founder of Edible Communities magazines

That model has grown to become the largest publication in the country dedicated to the localfoods movement. We are now one of 90 Edible publications across the United States and Canada with a total combined annual readership of 18 million.

It’s ironic to note that while Edible Communities has grown so large, many of the publications that populate it are small. They carry on a grassroots campaign to promote the local growers and purveyors and we strive to do exactly that.

That initial conversation with Tracey and Carole was especially surprising to me since it underscored the diversity of ownership within the Edible movement.

Tracey told us that the considerable publishing background that Gina and I brought to our new magazine was unusual within the Edible movement.

The typical Edible publisher came from a variety of professions all attracted by this sustainability movement. That becomes especially apparent when we attend the annual publisher’s conference that will be held later this year in Chicago.

While we brought a publishing background into our Edible Door venture, it quickly became apparent that we needed to better understand the movement that Edible was supporting both in terms of farm-totable concepts and the healthy lifestyle it promotes.

Most importantly, now three years after we made the decision to join the Edible movement we know that we’ve made the right choice. The support we’ve received from advertisers and the positive feedback from readers has us moving into our fourth year as energized as ever to support our locally-sourced restaurants, growers and markets that are feeding the movement.

-Jon Gast, Co-Owner/Editor of Edible Door

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goji berries
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In Good Taste Spring 2016

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Variety of mushrooms.
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Source of Friday Night Fish Fries Might be Surprising

hickey bros fisheries
Dennis Hickey of Hickey Bros. Fisheries in Baileys Harbor is a prime example of a fishing family that dates all the way back to the mid-19th century.

Carrying on the Bearcats Tradition

Billy Smith
If you’re a seafood lover, plan on breaking into a great big smile when you enter Bearcats Fish House, where you’ll see one of the lushest displays of fish and seafood in the Midwest.

Repurposed Designs: Uniquely Inspired & Restyled

Lora Jorgensen
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Supper Clubs: One Reason This Tennessee Girl Loves Wisconsin

Mark’s East Side Supper Club carries on the Chef Bill’s tradition
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How the LeClair Family Shaped the Susie-Q Fish Company

Susie Q
The Susie-Q Fish Company is entering the fifth generation of fishermen that have plied their trade on Lake Michigan out of Two Rivers. How they got to this point in history is an interesting story.

Essential Oils Add Flavor and Scent to Recipes

essential oils
Essential oils are not just relegated to topical application or massage therapy; food-grade essential oils can add flavor to recipes and bottles of drinking water.

Bea Landin: A Tribute to a True Pioneer

Bea Landin
It seemed we couldn’t let the death of Beatrice Landin pass without dedicating some space to a life so in tune with what the Edible community is all about.

Egg Bake Dish

Egg Bake Dish Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe
This Egg Bake Dish open-faced sandwich courtesy of Door County Coffee and Tea Co. Tea makes for both hearty breakfast and lunch.

Ham… That's Cherry De-Lite

This combination of Cherry De-Lite syrup and grilled ham makes for a surprising and flavorful sandwich.

Liver Pâté

liver pate
This recipe for Liver Pâté is proven for 20 years and it always goes well especially for something people won’t normally eat!

Berries & Cream Smooth Trifle

berries and cream trifle
This easy-to-make berries and cream trifle recipe is made of seasonal fruit, pound cake and pudding, topped with whipped cream for a little extra sweetness.

Peppy Pasta Salad

Peppery Vegetable Pasta Salad
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Sprouted Waldorf Salad

sprouted waldorf salad with apples mung beans and lentils
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The Skinny on Asparagus

shaved asparagus salad
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Herb Ricotta and Roasted Mushroom Crostini

Herb Ricotta and Roasted Mushroom Crostini
This recipe makes 2 dozen appetizer crostini

Shiitake Rockefeller

No need for oysters in this recipe. Make a traditional Rockefeller spinach filling to top oven-roasted shiitake caps. Finish with a sprinkle of buttery panko breadcrumbs. A quick, easy and elegant...

Roasted Mushrooms

Roasting mushrooms brings out their earthy flavor. Use this recipe to make the mushroom ricotta crostini and the roasted mushroom salad with hazelnuts. Makes two pounds of roasted mushrooms

Roasted Mushroom Salad with Hazelnut Vinaigrette

Serve the mushrooms slightly warm on top of the mixed greens. Garnish with chopped roasted hazelnuts and freshly shredded Parmesan or Asiago cheese.

White Cheddar-Wrapped Pecans

There is no telling how many of these savory morsels my mom has made in her catering career — way too many to count. They’ve always flown right off the silver serving trays as fast as she can...

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