By | September 01, 2013


Start with a de-boned and skinless salmon fillet. Fresh-caught is best, but one frozen for a short period will also work. You can leave fillets from small fish whole, or cut in half. For larger fish, cut into long strips or bite-size chunks. You can add flavor with a marinade of your choice (15-30 minutes max), or simply coat in seasoned fish fry breading (store-bought, or home-mixed). Heat skillet, and add olive oil and Smart Balance or butter to coat pan well. Fry fast on medium-high for thinner fillets and a little slower, on medium, for thicker pieces. Three to six minutes per side is typical, depending on the thickness and heat setting. A crispy outside and juicy, flaky inside is your goal. When nearly done, squeeze fresh lemon and melt Smart Balance or butter over the top, and serve hot.

Goes great with seasonal vegetables and a glass of Door County wine!



  • Skinless salmon (preferably fresh-caught!)
  • Seasoned coating mix
  • Light olive oil
  • Smart Balance or butter
  • Fresh lemon
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