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By Jon Gast | Last Updated December 15, 2015
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A Tasty (& Effective) Wellness Plan

I have a personal trainer. She’s my wife and Leslie is as persistent as any trained professional in the area of at least one healthy pursuit. She insists on a nightly walk no matter the season, the temperature or the wind gauge. She doesn’t particularly like getting wet so, like baseball, rain can prevent or cut short any excursion.

This issue of Edible Door has a strong emphasis on wellness and while writing the piece on the Live Algoma program, I was struck by something Algoma School Superintendent Nick Cochart told me about the initiative’s basic goal. He said the idea is to get community members to make a one degree shift in their lifestyle. To make a commitment to do one thing to improve their health.

It could be something as simple as drinking more water, he said.

Leslie and I made a commitment to walking a long time ago. Like so many people, it was prompted by dog ownership. Dogs live to walk. Dogs demand to be walked.

We no longer have a dog. The last was a Golden Retriever who lived to the ripe old age of 15, a long life for that particular breed and it was those nightly walks that I’m convinced contributed to her good health.

Now I’m sure there are a number of you out there who would readily admit that you don’t like to walk. I might get you to do 10 leg rest raises on your Barcalounger.

But we’ve developed a sure-fire incentive plan to get out of the house and ensure a walk before settling in for the evening.

Living a mile from downtown Sturgeon Bay, our walks are an appropriate distance to a restaurant that features tasty bakery treats. While this may seem like blasphemy when such walks are done in the name of healthy exercise, we excuse ourselves from such ridicule by modifying our portions to help eradicate any guilt.

Yes, we split the muffin, or cookie, or scone. It’s amazing what half a muffin can do to get one out the door and on your way. Studies have shown that as little as 15 minutes of walking has significant health benefits when incorporated into a daily exercise regiment.

Our walks generally take about 40 minutes, including the few minutes it takes to buy a muffin or cookie. In short, we more than make up for the ingested muffin calories.

Clearly, not all of you live within a mile of a bakery and are finding yourselves wondering how you could possibly incorporate the Gast’s model to a healthier lifestyle into your life.

Checking out the real estate listing for a home in relative close proximity to a bakery is one possibly, but creating an incentive to exercise need not be so expensive. Simply pack a little guilty snack before you leave to be shared once you reach a pre-determined location.

Keep pushing your boundaries and if the distance of that pre-determined location seems too far just increase the reward. There isn’t a distance that can’t be conquered with a well-positioned brownie. Still, always remember that the key to this program is the bond you develop with your walking mate. Your reward must be shared.

Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. This is long-term plan. By going out after dinner for your nightly walk and foregoing the dessert in favor of a tasty reward, you are making strides towards better health and by splitting the reward you are accomplishing it at a half the calories and half the cost.

-Jon Gast, Co-Owner/Editor of Edible Door

Pie Recipe Story Contest Winner: A Double Dog Dare

Charlene Berg
The following story and recipe were submitted by Charlene Berg of Ellison Bay and was selected as the winner of Chef Terri Milligan’s pie recipe story contest.

Regional Reads for the Gift-Giving Season

Wisconsin Supper Club cookbook
For your holiday shopping, here is a selected list to help you pick out gifts for all the cooks, locavores and history buffs on your shopping list.

In Good Health: Tips to Feel Better and Live Longer

Fitting with the wellness theme of this issue, the regular In Good Taste recipe section is being replaced in this issue by In Good Health featuring a collection of healthy tips and recipes.

Plan Healthy Eating For Your Holiday Season

UW Extension
With the holidays brings sweet treats. This is also the time of the year that presents opportunities to overindulge and make unhealthy food choices.

Live Algoma: Earning High Grades for Wellness Initiative

LIve Algoma
It may well be the Live Algoma initiative that holds the key to helping the community, and communities like it, to address wellness issues that go beyond food to things like finances, relationships,...

Get Your Winter Fix at The Downtown Green Bay New Leaf Market

Gretchen Scmidt and Samuel Vainisi
If your palate longs for locally grown produce and products from Northeastern Wisconsin in the depths of winter, the New Leaf Winter Farmers Market presented by Bellin Health will be a welcome...

Heavenly Fruitcake Recipe Benefits Habitat for Humanity

Fruitcake filling station
The annual pre-Christmas Fruitcake Bake Sale features one-pound fruitcakes made with the heavenly recipe passed down from the Catholic sisters of the former novitiate at Sevastopol School, St. Francis...

Exploring The Wonderful World of Grains

Nothing against quinoa. It should serve as a staple in everyone’s cupboard. But it’s time to step out of your grain comfort zone. We are in the midst of a grain revival where everything old is new...

Culinary Tour to International Destinations Flavored by Door Peninsula Chefs

Janice Thomas with Italian Tour Group
How about a culinary tour and class to international destinations that are uniquely flavored by Door Peninsula chefs and cultural experts who are connected to culinarians in areas beyond?

ThedaCare Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Paul Linzmeyer
Sustainability is one of those words that most people love to wrap their arms around. It’s a good word that is generally considered to have positive connotations. Yet, if you asked people what...

Change The Food You Eat and Change Your Life

Jessica Schroeder
When making a lifestyle change, tackling smaller goals such as an hour at the gym a few times a week might feel manageable, but the other side of the coin, nutrition, is a 24/7 commitment. And...

The Main Course in Fish Creek Offers "Toys for Cooks"

The Main Course
“Toys for Cooks” is the subtitle of the kitchen supply store that’s located in the Top of the Hill shopping complex in Fish Creek. A perfect nickname, as far as I’m concerned, since every time...

The Little Store That Could: The Healthy Way Market

Adam Goettelman
The Healthy Way Market in Sturgeon Bay is the little natural foods store that could for its friends and neighbors in Door County. With a focus on wellness, quality products, and customer service, new...

Pat Thorp: Certified Farm, Certified Family Roots

Pat Thorp
When you approach Patricia Thorp’s three-acre organic farm, a few miles west of Baileys Harbor, the first thing that stands out is that her farm sits on a huge outcrop of dolomitic limestone from...

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

bourbon chocolate pecan pie
Can you say hello to your newest pie tradition at Thanksgiving?

Vanilla Yogurt Cheesecake

vanilla yogurt cheesecake
A protein and calcium powerhouse, plain Greek yogurt is a simple swap to lighten up your favorite dishes. With a rich, creamy texture, plain Greek yogurt can be substituted for butter and oil in baked...

The Cookery's Red Quinoa and Roasted Beet Salad

red quinoa salad
The Cookery in Fish Creek has been expanding the use of grains in their menu for several years. Co-owner and chef Carol Skare started experimenting with different grains after visiting her daughter,...

Greens-N-Grains Kamut Salad

kamut salad
Greens-N-Grains chef Danielle Bokelmann created this grain salad which features kamut, dried cranberries and cashews. The store, owned by Kathy Navis, features a café specializing in healthful foods...

Wheat Berry & Wild Rice Salad Stuffed Acorn Squash

wheat berry salad squash
Wheat berries have a slight nutty flavor and chewy texture. Soaking the grain overnight helps the grain cook faster. Cook the wheat berries and wild rice separately as the cooking time will vary for...

Farro Risotto with Corn and Wild Mushrooms

farro risotto
Look for semi-pearled farro that does not require overnight soaking. Try using a variety of mushrooms like shiitake or crimini. If you are a mushroom forager, use chanterelles or morels when...

Chocolate Almond Torte (Torta Caprese Planeta)

This chocolate almond torte is inspired by the morning cakes at Planeta La Foresteria in Menfi, Sicily.

Jessica's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
These pumpkin pecan chocolate chip muffins are the perfect breakfast treat, or just great to have around the house when you crave something pumpkin.

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